A Word.

There comes a time in a man's life when to get to where he has to go - if there are no doors or windows - he walks through a wall. 

~ Bernard Malamud

The ultimate question remains: What is beauty? Is it the model strutting down the catwalk in Elle’s newest fashions or a naked rose in a sea of weeds? Perhaps it’s the sensitive touch of a loved one, a comforting presence that will forever linger. Beauty is the epitome of inspiration and fantasy in a tangible form. Beauty is art. And a world without beauty – more accurately, a world without art – is chaos.

Art is the master of expression so that when words fail, which they often do, it gives us a way to communicate our most innermost and personal thoughts that would otherwise remain trapped inside the mind. To dance freely within the realm of reality and imagination is not only a talent but also a way of living. 

Art is truly a part of me, and whether it manifests itself in a drawing, a watercolor, or a photograph, it conveys my interpretation of the world and reflects my thought process. For people to really understand who I am and what I have to offer, I present a compilation of a few of my works, including a series of photographs, sketches, and color studies. A quick brief on each category, if I may:

England’s gothic cathedrals and France’s haunting cemeteries inspired the series of photographs. Each in itself is a work of art, but altogether, they represent something much greater than what our eyes initially observe. The photographs branch off of one another and stem from the tangible Earth to a worldly heaven elsewhere. Though the colors are muted and portray a dusky gradient, they personify the light and dark of both worlds and emphasize the commonality between them. 

The drawings done in pencil is the area in which I thrive. Pencil gives me the control to erase past mistakes and create something else entirely, a process that does not overlap with real life. I find it therapeutic to blend different strokes of pencil together and combine numerous shades for a greater purpose. Each drawing was extremely time consuming, but well worth the effort and something I can honestly say I’m proud to present.

The pieces containing color give me more freedom to experiment with different materials and tones. Though I enjoy the natural touch of the pencil, watercolor and colored pencil give the works another dimension of life. The movements of the brush are fluid and the graze of the colored pencils highlight the mood of the work and give insight into how my lens in which I perceive the world differs from the viewer’s.

I leave you to enjoy, despise, criticize, savor, or whatever adjective comes to mind, the following portfolio. No matter how beautiful, a flower will always wilt; No matter how tasty, an apple will always bruise; No matter how precise, a clock’s battery will eventually die. So may my art never be complete and may it never be perfect. May it just be beautiful.